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Investigating the Case for a Destined Lasting World Peace as seen through prayer, meditation, interfaith study and faith.

Paradigm for Peace

Can We Do This?

"World peace is not only possible but inevitable. It is the next stage in the evolution of this planet.” (Universal House of Justice, 1986)


Can We Do This?
Perhaps the Greatest Challenge in History Awaits Us!

"People for the most part delight in superstitions. They regard a single drop of the sea of delusion as preferable to an ocean of certitude. By holding fast unto names they deprive themselves of the inner reality and by clinging to vain imaginings they are kept back from the Dayspring of heavenly signs. God grant you may be graciously aided under all conditions to shatter the idols of superstition and to tear away the veils of the imaginations of men. Authority lieth in the grasp of God, the Fountainhead of revelation and inspiration and the Lord of the Day of Resurrection. (Baha'u'llah, Tablets of Baha'u'llah, p. 57)

Yet, Indeed, there is a Ray of Hope:
A Dream that Asks,"Why Not"?

"The gift of God to this enlightened age is theknowledge of the oneness of mankind and the fundamental oneness of religion. War shall cease between the nations and by the will of God the most great peace shall come; the world will be seen as a new world and all men will live as brothers." (Abdu'l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 12)

Surely it is a time for change yet mankind continues to...

1.caste the Divine as a stern policymaker of  judgement, condemnation and War when the Universal Message is love, forgiveness and peace.

2.use literal sensory based understanding of Scripture as a catalyst for corrupt divisive distortion, radical behavior, all-out conflict and even fanatical hatred done in the Name of God.

3.mistake parochial elements of traditional devotional structures, closedmindedness, politics and strict sdherance to multigenerational inherited beliefs as signs of faith and steadfastness.

4. fail to see ourselves worldwide, as science proves, as the "Leaves of One Tree", the "Waves of One Sea"; the "Flowers of a Garden"; United as one Family as Citizens of a single Earth; the only known home we have.

Look, pondor and ask yourself; What is going on? Why must humanity be so seemingly determined to take the turnpike that leads directly to such dissension, travesty and bloodshed,? 

Two main questions will be the focus of this search.

1. Do we head the Word or follow the preachings of men? (A part of the answer will be supported by passages describing an "Awakening" process of "Enlightenment" or "Revelation" along with Teachings quoted directly from Holy Scriptures from the respective Faiths themselves.)
2. What has man wrought? ( Summaries in a nutshell of inhumane acts done for the sake of a given sect, practice or mislead illusion of being favored by God over a race seen as "heathen" or "infidel" etc.)


Note: No matter what individual beliefs might be concerning an "Almighty "God" Reality, it is apparent, as illustrated in many of the world's great faiths; whether it be extolled as,  Ahura-Mazda (600? BCE) Allah, (584 AD) Brahma (420 BCE), YHWH ( 1300 BCE), Shiva ( 2300? BCE) or simply as "God" etc;  humanity has been endowed with a need to search and communicate beyond himself, to seek answers about the fundamental nature of existence: Where do we come from, What is our reality, what is our destiny-do we even have a destiny, where are we going ? Our very nature compels us to ask: Is there a Cosmic beginning and/or  end to everything? What about Infinity and Temporality? What is existence and non-existence,  Imagined truth, observed truth and absolute truth? etc.

In this spirit I ask,:
Oh Spirit of Truth, O Thou Prime Mover of all things seen and unseen but yet are more a friend to us than we are to ourselves: the loving Father of a wayward people wandering in the paths of delusion! So much hatred, cruelty, terrorism and fanaticism is apparently produced by the misuse and abuse of Scriptures containing universal truths of Thy fundamental, yet ever-evolving, Message to all mankind as bequeathed throughout the ages. Help us; Cleanse our hearts. Enlighten our  spirit. Open our inner eye that we may perceive the Earth as one country and mankind its citizens.  

O Source of Enlightenment:The radical fanaticism, hatred and warfare done in the name of honoring Thy Will becomes ever-more virulent. Believers attending Temples. Shrines, Churches and Mosques around the world look upon those of other Faiths as "outsiders". This mind-set easily escalates to a "need to purify the infidels". Holy wars, Inquisitions and atrocities committed in the name of God are too numerous to mention.

O Mystery of Mysteries: How can we rise above this calamity of our own making? How can we be made to realize much of the revealed inner truth of your Divine Mystery has been washed away by the floods of political passions, creeds, blind faith in religious authority figures and inherited disposition?

I ask in the Name of Peacefullness: Why is it so difficult for us to see each other as one family; as flowers of a garden selected, groomed and trimmed by the hand of the Master Gardener? Is it beyond our capacity to overlook self-made classification schemes imposed upon all; Seeing one another not as Christian, Muslim, Hindu; Black, White, Native American; or of fanatically participating in fierce disagreements between Sunni, Shia , Catholic or Protestant sects within a given Faith; but conversely, as a single mankind living under a single God?? How about an individual being perceived as "saved" or "unsaved" as he lives within an individual community? How is this way of thinking ( upon which one faith adherent is perceived by one of a different Faith as "infidel") impacting the way we react to or understand our fellows worldwide?

It is said in Baha'i Scripture that, "Thou hast created all humanity to know Thee and to worship Thee". Given this light of understanding, may it not be assumed and understood that we are, in a deep sense, created in the image of God? If so, then surely  Love, forgiveness, compassion, Reason and discernment are all hallmarks of the Human Spirit. Appreciation of diversity must overcome judgment and adversity allowing the spirit of mankind to soar above the clouds of superstition, parochial habit, greed and envy. May we come together in world wide fellowship; honoring the Great Spirit: God the Creator.

Yet, given this, I ask: Where is This promised peacefullness upon Earth? Why do rampant wars never cease to feed upon themselves, to spread such fear, anguish, misunderstanding, vain imaginings and superstition upon the land? Wht can't citizens of the world believe themselves to be of one house, one family, one humanity from one God?

" Baha’is would say that progress towards this expressed ideal of an ever-lasting spiritually unified ever-growing world peace is hampered due to a number of foundationally spiritual root problems that have to be addressed before real changes to attitude and behavior can take place. According to the Universal House of Justice, the international governing body of the Baha’i Faith (1988), war can be traced to prejudice, the oppression of women, inordinate extremes of wealth and poverty, excessive nationalism, religious strife, education that reinforces violence and negates the spiritual nature of humanity, and paralysis of will. "


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 Let us be open, let us seek, let us find.

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